Toll Booth

Toll Booth

2 Seasons


The tolls we all have to pay in life to simply be happy.

Toll Booth
  • Toll Booth: Returning Home

    Episode 1

    Maya Caldwell returns to her hometown after learning of the passing of her father.

  • Toll Booth: Second Thoughts

    Episode 2

    Maya has second thoughts about returning to Waterview and calls on Walker for support.

  • Toll Booth: The Test

    Episode 3

    Maya and Jackson's friendship is tested when Jackson finds out about Maya's history with Walker.

  • Toll Booth: Top Secret

    Episode 4

    While boxing up some of her dad's belongings, Maya comes across a secret that her father had kept from the family.

  • Toll Booth: Second Guessing

    Episode 5

    Gordon reveals big news regarding college. Meanwhile, Walker begins to second guess his future with Maya.

  • Toll Booth: The Reveal

    Episode 6

    Justine reveals a troubling secret regarding the family and Maya's relationship with Walker and Jackson makes a surprising turn.