2 Seasons


She’s black. He’s white. Can love survive?

  • STAY: Honeymoon For One

    Episode 1

    Nubia goes on a solo holiday after believing that Shane is having an affair.

  • STAY: The Make Up Game

    Episode 2

    Shane arrives at Nubia’s lodge and convinces her that he was framed by his Mother.

  • STAY: Up Country

    Episode 3

    Shane and Nubia visit her family farm so that he can ask for their blessing to marry her.

  • STAY: Hold My Beer

    Episode 4

    Shane’s friend Max comes to “Shags” to help with the marriage negotiations.

  • STAY: Never Ending Family

    Episode 5

    Back in Nairobi, Shane and Nubia settle into their new home as Kwame tries to move in, as always.

  • STAY: Can’t But Me Love

    Episode 6

    Shane and Nubia both start new jobs as Nico and Esther face a possible unexpected pregnancy.

  • STAY: Enough!

    Episode 7

    Kwame reaches rock bottom as Shane and Nubia find a few, rare fleeting moments of the romance that brought them together.

  • STAY: Trials and Tribulations

    Episode 8

    Shane gives expat courses to an empty room, Nubia meets with her new celebrity friend, Blythe and Kwame visits “up-country” and is shocked to meet his real father.

  • STAY: The End of the Beginning

    Episode 9

    Kwame confronts his drunken father as Nico tells Shane he’s about to become one. Blythe has a nervous breakdown as Philippa continues her plot to get her son away from Nubia.

  • STAY: Take My Couch Please

    Episode 10

    Shane’s romantic dinner with Nubia is ruined by Blythe’s arrival after her breakdown.

  • STAY: Pass The Poison

    Episode 11

    Shane, Nubia, Kwame, Blythe and Max share a tense dinner under the stars.

  • STAY: Blast From The Past

    Episode 12

    Nubia travels “up-country” and meets her father for the first time.

  • STAY: Sayonara Shane

    Episode 13

    Philippa’s plan finally works as Shane is deported by immigration.