Single & Anxious

Single & Anxious

3 Seasons


Five college students fumble their way through life...figuring it out. But it's not that simple when someone dies.

Single & Anxious
  • Single and Anxious: Date Night

    Episode 1

    Five college students from various backgrounds fumble their way through challenges of establishing and maintaining romantic relationships.

  • Single and Anxious: I didn’t Wanna

    Episode 2

    Someone from the crew receives life-altering news. Meanwhile, Karissa's past decision haunts her and she confides in Amaya for support.

  • Single and Anxious: But, I Love Him

    Episode 3

    Love is in the air, or is it? Je'kob remains relentless in pursuing Amaya, and someone in the group is not who he appears to be.

  • Single and Anxious: Ho’s Your Boo?

    Episode 4

    Sebastian sees something he probably shouldn’t have and Je’kob’s loyalty to T is tested.

  • Single and Anxious: Reconciled

    Episode 5

    Sebastian confronts Je'kob about Amaya, and Karissa and T affirm their love for one another.

  • Single and Anxious: Daddy No!

    Episode 6

    Karissa's father throws a dinner party for her and her friends. While there, Amaya finally lets her guard down.