Rhonda Mitchell M.D

Rhonda Mitchell M.D

6 Episodes


Rhonda Mitchell, a well-intentioned but overbearing doctor struggles to balance her personal and professional life after she takes over her father’s Harlem clinic.

Rhonda Mitchell M.D
  • Rhonda Mitchell MD: Viral

    Episode 1

    After taking over her father’s practice, Rhonda seems to be losing it all when a video of her chasing a patient goes viral, she breaks up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend David, and the team suggests bringing in a new doctor. Meanwhile Cynthia and Winsome have a falling out.

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  • Rhonda Mitchell MD: T’kelah and the O.G.

    Episode 3

    Rhonda’s convinced her dad is going through a mid-life crisis when she meets his younger girlfriend; Cynthia comes up with a plan to smooth things over with Winsome and the ladies face Arielys’ wrath when she gets a phone call that no immigrant wants.

  • Rhonda Mitchell MD: Cake

    Episode 4

    Rhonda invites Brian over to her place for cheesecake and they both have ulterior motives. Winsome pulls rank and brings in a new doctor and Rhonda’s childhood bully makes Brian an offer he may not refuse.

  • Rhonda Mitchell MD: Stinky Rhonda

    Episode 5

    Rhonda fights off the temptation to reach out to David with the help of her battery-powered friend.

  • Rhonda Mitchell MD: S.O.S.

    Episode 6

    After Winsome and Arielys both quit, John calls an emergency meeting to save his practice which ends with an unexpected moment and a confession from Rhonda.