13 Episodes


Africa's first science program for young learners in Africa and beyond. Learn about robots, space, bees, the brain, and more!

  • N*Gen: Bees

    Episode 1

    Did you know that bees are essential for human survival? In this episode we will teach you all about our friendly honey makers.

  • N*Gen: Water Cycle

    Episode 2

    We need water for so many of our daily activities: cooking, bathing, drinking, and everything else in between. As much as we need water, do we really know water well?

  • N*Gen: Senses

    Episode 3

    Our senses allow us to observe and understand the world around us. You probably are familiar with the sense of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell but did you know about the sense of echolocation?

  • N*Gen: Mountains

    Episode 4

    What do planet Earth and a loaf of bread have in common? Why do continents move and how do mountains form? Why do people live on the slopes of active volcanoes that can erupt at any moment and destroy lives and homes?

  • N*Gen: Sound

    Episode 5

    What is a sound and how do we hear it? How do sounds travel in space? Would you like to learn how to track the eye of the storm? How about discovering how the deaf and hearing-impaired people enjoy and play music?

  • N*Gen: Energy

    Episode 6

    What does it mean that something has energy? What do a human body and a candle have in common? Our energetic teachers from Lagos will teach you about the different forms of energy and how we can use them in everyday life.

  • N*Gen: Light

    Episode 7

    Would you like to be enLIGHTened about the complexity of light? Have fun doing a “magic trick” with a bent pencil, learning how to make a puppet show at home and how to construct an old-school camera out of simple materials.

  • N*Gen: Bones and Fossils

    Episode 8

    Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the National Museums of Kenya and see one of the largest fossil collections in the world!

  • N*Gen: Brain

    Episode 9

    How do we learn and remember things? How can one better prepare for a test? Does practice really make perfect?
    Why is physical activity important? Why are babies’ brains so interesting if they seem to be doing so little?

  • N*Gen: Robots

    Episode 10

    What are robots made of and how do they work? Can robots be just like humans? Can robots think for themselves, and if not, how do we teach them? How different are the robots we see in real life to the ones we know from movies like Transformers?

  • N*Gen: Wetlands

    Episode 11

    Join our young explorers Tuli and Ethan on their journey through the amazing landscapes of Uganda, discovering incredible creatures and unique habitats.

  • N*Gen: Space

    Episode 12

    How big is our universe? What does the Moon really look like? Why do we have seasons and changes of day to night and night to day? Our energetic teachers from Lagos will answer all these questions and more.

  • N*Gen: Food

    Episode 13

    Why do we need to eat? Can humans eat anything? Why are insects a healthy snack option? Join N*Gen’s intrepid teachers on a one-of-a-kind trip down the human digestive system to find out!