Mixed Boy Joy

Mixed Boy Joy

2 Seasons


Jordan, a lost biracial college student, discovers his ethnic identity and place in society while his problematic friends make his journey much more difficult

Mixed Boy Joy
  • Mixed Boy Joy: Fix it

    Episode 1

    It’s spring break and everyone is trying to enjoy their time off. However, Artrell demands help from Jordan that will send him on a mission to solve something he did not cause while Troy does everything he can to find love.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Don't Get Bopped

    Episode 2

    Jordan is left in a peculiar situation with Joy that makes him very uncomfortable. Kyle and Kona have a tough talk that he didn’t see coming.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: It's A White Party

    Episode 3

    On a mission to save Artrell and Troy’s friendship, Jordan puts the group in an awkward and uncomfortable situation. Things go south quick leaving Megan with heavy guilt that rests on her shoulders.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Just Friends

    Artrell and Troy are met with the choice to save their friendship or let it die.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Mixed Boy Trouble

    Episode 4

    Jordan finds himself in an awkward predicament, but this time with Mack.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Love Yourself

    Episode 5

    After nonstop criticism on Jordan, he loses his temper and unloads on anyone and everyone in his path.