Mixed Boy Joy

Mixed Boy Joy

2 Seasons


Jordan, a lost biracial college student, discovers his ethnic identity and place in society while his problematic friends make his journey much more difficult

Mixed Boy Joy
  • Mixed Boy Joy: Mean Girls vs Friday

    Episode 1

    Jordan turns to Kyle for advice after being met with a dilemma presented to him by his two different friend groups.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: I Don’t Want to be Black

    Episode 2

    After making the wrong decision, Jordan is met with confrontation and is unsettled with himself and his identity.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: White, White, White

    Episode 3

    Artrell and Troy invite Jordan over to smoke and have some pizza.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Wake n’ Bake

    Episode 4

    Feeling like a new person, Jordan decides to extend Kyle a heartfelt thank you by making him breakfast.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Don’t Try So Hard

    Episode 5

    Coming off a tough day with Artrell and Troy, Jordan's classmate shares some advice.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: That’s Not My Mom

    Episode 6

    It's Parents Day, and Jordan's mom is in town and is excited to soak in Jordan's new world.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: I’m Not a Racist

    Feeling depressed, Jordan decides to stay home from school. Megan becomes worried and checks with Artrell and Troy to see if he is okay. A few wrong words and a simple gesture turns into a full-blown argument that leaves Claire the voice of reason.

  • Mixed Boy Joy: Fortune Cookie

    Episode 8

    While Megan musters up the courage to apologize to Jordan, Artrell and Troy's friendship goes into question when inappropriate behavior brings out a side of Troy that Artrell did not know.