Grandma's House

Grandma's House

5 Episodes


Four amusing grandchildren seek to conquer their dreams in the big city, but to achieve what they want, they will live in different situations at Grandma's House.

Grandma's House
  • Grandma's House: Black Race

    Episode 1

    Teresa needs to organize a big party for her ex coworkers, she makes a dangerous decision and asks her four rowdy grandchildren for help from.

  • Grandma's House: Suspension

    Episode 2

    After receiving an invitation to a very important audition, André needs to count on his family to do something never done in his career as an actor.

  • Grandma's House: Pique Novo

    Episode 3

    Neto goes for another internship interview, this time at a century-old company that is trying to expand into the digital age. Will his resume be too good for the job again?

  • Grandma's House: Swing and Sympathy

    Episode 4

    To be on the VIP list of the party where the greatest influencers in Brazil will be, Dan will have to go through several unexpected situations.

  • Grandma's House: Revelation

    Episode 5

    On Christmas Eve, Teresa organizes a romantic dinner hidden from her grandchildren, who should be traveling, they appear by surprise, but they did not expect that more people would appear, bringing a big revelation.