13 Episodes


*Subtitles Available*
Kelvin returns to Lagos to pick up the pieces of the life that he left behind. Falling in love, not once, but twice. For Kelvin, life just got more complicated.

  • 5IVE: Welcome Back To Lagos

    Episode 1

    Kelvin returns to Lagos after five years in Liberia.

  • 5IVE: Old Connections

    Episode 2

    With the help of his good friend Segun, Kelvin gets the opportunity to meet Segun’s ‘boss’. We see a different side to Dami and Kelvin meets up with an old friend.

  • 5IVE: Troubles

    Episode 3

    Segun is caught up with some serious troubles. Kelvin gets an unexpected guest Michelle, big mike’s sister.

  • 5IVE: Old Vibes

    Episode 4

    Kelvin and Nnena kick things off like old times. Dami and Kelvin meet in an unexpected place…the office.

  • 5IVE: Bad Business

    Episode 5

    After Segun is kidnapped, Nosa turns every stone to look for him. Meanwhile, Kelvin wants to take things slow with Nnena.

  • 5IVE: Secrets

    Episode 6

    Segun is rescued by Nosa, Kelvin decides to move forward with Nnena but she has a little secret of her own.

  • 5IVE: Can I Have The Wine Now?

    Episode 7

    Kelvin is still dealing with relationship problems. Meanwhile, Dami gets kicked off an important account at work. Does Nosa have something to do with it?

  • 5IVE: Who Is Baby?

    Episode 8

    Dami gets fired and now has more time for Kelvin. Things between Kelvin and Nnena continue, but is he the only baby around?

  • 5IVE: He's Yours

    Episode 9

    Kelvin discovers he has a child and is forced to take a hard look at his future.

  • 5IVE: I Quit

    Episode 10

    Kelvin quits his job and breaks things off with Dami. Meanwhile, Nosa sends Segun to spy on Kelvin. Will Segun betray his best friend in favor of Nosa?

  • 5IVE: Let's Run

    Episode 11

    Kelvin and Nnena consider running away after finding out that Nosa is on to them.

  • 5IVE: Not So Fast

    Episode 12

    Kelvin tries to start a new life with Nnena and his son, but things aren’t going as planned.

  • 5IVE: This Could End Bad For Us

    Episode 13

    Dami and Segun are forced to decide if saving Kelvin is worth risking their own lives.